Akamai Case Study

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When Akamai's new hires expressed  concerns regarding lack of support and guidance during onboarding, Akamai established three areas for

  1. Improved communication between the manager, mentor and new hire
  2. Reminders for the new hire of onboarding milestones and subjects to ensure certification is finished on time and with confidence
  3. New hires needed an easy way to reach get answer

New Hire Onboarding at Akamai Technologies

New hires that used Avi were 58% more likely to complete their technical primer certification and took 20% less time to do so.


“New hires also needed an easy way to reach out to the onboarding program managers with questions or if they got stuck or needed help with any part of the onboarding curriculum. We landed a great partnership with Mobile Coach to create an interactive chatbot that leveraged AI and internal communications to help facilitate the new employee onboarding experience.” 

- Eric Mingorance, Principal Strategist, Field & Technical Enablement, Akamai Technologies