Chatbots for learning

Learn about Akamai Technologies' award winning chatbot, Avi

Akamai partnered with Mobile Coach to create a chatbot named Avi to help facilitate the new employee onboarding experience. Avi assisted key stakeholders by following up with new employees on their path to learn, prepare for, and pass their technical certification. 

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Avi Highlights

  • Provided support to new hires during the onboarding process
  • Delivered tips, reminders, and help over the new hire;s first 31 days
  • Avi users were 58% more likely to complete certification over non-users
  • Avi users took 20% less time to finish certification than non-users
  • Received a 2019 Brandon Hall Group Human Capital Management Excellence Award for Best Use of Mobile Learning

Avi users:

“I was struggling with a particular concept, and when I said that, Avi suggested some videos that were extremely helpful. That alone was enough to make him worthwhile during my onboarding….”

“...having Avi provide prompts and reminders as I go through my onboarding training has been a positive experience….”