Success requires constant attention

Success in developing distributors requires consistent engagement over time for the distributor to learn, understand, and deliberately practice the concepts. A well designed chatbot has proven to be an effective choice to help distributors maintain motivation, overcome skills gaps, manage externalities and stay connected.

Because success is made up of many choices over time, and not just one big choice, success requires constant attention.

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About The Author
Vince Han
Vince Han is the founder and CEO of Mobile Coach and is a noted chatbot expert. Vince is a frequent speaker at conferences such as ATD, Training Conference, DevLearn, Online Learning, ATDTK and others. He holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Vince is an industry thought-leader for learning and learning technology with an emphasis on artificial intelligence and chatbot technology. Vince has founded several successful technology companies and resides in Utah.

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